Lou sees evolution of players' stances

Lou sees evolution of players' stances

CHICAGO -- Baseball has changed a lot since Lou Piniella retired as a player in 1984. One evolution not often discussed is hitters' collective approach with two strikes.

"The game has changed," Piniella said. "When I played, when there were two strikes, I would choke up and try to bring in the men on base. You don't see many teams, not just us, doing those sort of things."

Power is more a part of the game than it was in Piniella's days, though speed and defense seems to be regaining some traction across baseball. Still, hitters are more prone to be pull-heavy.

"When I played, hitters were in more of a closed stance," Piniella said. "Now, you see hitters in more of an open stance."

Approaches at the plate may have changed over the years, but the end goal remains the same.

"Regardless of how [hitters] change, you have to score runs," Piniella said.