Cubs not relying as much on stolen bases

Cubs not relying as much on stolen bases

ARLINGTON -- There are four players in the National League already with double-digit stolen bases. The Cubs don't have anyone at that level -- Ryan Theriot leads the team with eight -- but they are aware that teams are running more.

"It seems to be getting back to where the stolen base is more prominent," Cubs catcher Koyie Hill said. "It doesn't seem like there's as many clubs playing for the three-run homer."

Has he noticed teams running more?

"I think teams are generally more aggressive," Hill said Sunday. "When I was first coming up, you never really worried about it because nobody ran. Now you look at the Rangers, and they hit tons of home runs and they have six, seven guys in their lineup who can run and do run."

Of course, the Cubs don't seem to be following that trend. Theriot was their leading basestealer last year with 21.

"We don't have a whole lot of team speed," Hill said. "We do other things -- hit and run, things like that. It's important to go first to third for us. Some guys get on base, walk, bunt, blooper, whatever, and it's a double or they hit doubles and it's a triple because they steal third."