Piniella shakes up lineup to rest players

Piniella shakes up lineup to rest players

PITTSBURGH -- In an effort to spark the Cubs' slumping offense, manager Lou Piniella made some lineup changes for Tuesday night's game with the Pirates.

Xavier Nady was inserted in place of Derrek Lee at first base, and Tyler Colvin got the start in center field. Jeff Baker replaced Aramis Ramirez at third base, and Koyie Hill took over for Geovany Soto behind the plate.

"We've got some lineup changes today," Piniella said. "We'll rest a few people, get our bench some playing time and see what it does. Look, we are looking for offense. We need to hit. I think the best way to explain our situation is whoever is swinging the bats will find his name in the lineup."

Lee indicated after Monday's game that he didn't want a day off, but Piniella made the changes.

"I want to play the regulars," Piniella said. "I want to be as constant as I possibly can. I think we've shown remarkable patience here. Not changing things, staying constant, assuming that the hitting is right around the corner. Unfortunately that hasn't been the case. So what do you do? Patience is a virtue, too much patience is stupidity. I still cling to the fact that our guys are going to hit, but at the same time, it's already June. We're not here in April, we're about a third into the season.

"Today we're just resting a few people. The weather has been hot, and we've played a lot of games, but I would love to stay constant, I really would. Every manager would like to do that, and I've got confidence in my guys, but at the same time, it is time, it's time."