Grabow's season over, but work isn't

Grabow's season over, but work isn't

CHICAGO -- John Grabow's season is done after his left knee gave out on him during a rehab appearance in Mesa, Ariz., but he's not finished helping the Cubs this year.

Grabow said Wednesday he will stay in the bullpen to counsel, offer tips, provide a few jokes and do whatever he can. The Cubs currently have seven rookie pitchers on the roster.

"I'm going to try to stay on some kind of routine," Grabow said. "I'll be down there to give morale support to the guys."

Grabow has a sprained left knee and has decided not to have surgery. He will keep his knee immobilized for four to six weeks, then begin a rehab program to strengthen it.

"If this were 20 years ago, they would've gone in and tried to fix it," he said. "If they don't have to go in there and cut me up, that's OK with me."

Grabow appeared in 28 games with the Cubs, posting a 7.36 ERA in 25 2/3 innings.