Hendry says Maddux plans to stay with Cubs

Hendry says Maddux plans to stay with Cubs

CHICAGO -- Greg Maddux will be back with the Cubs in 2011 in the same capacity as an assistant to general manager Jim Hendry and be involved in scouting, coaching and player evaluation.

New D-backs general manager Kevin Towers told USA Today he'd like to hire the four-time Cy Young winner as Arizona's next bench coach or pitching coach. Hendry said Thursday he spent part of the last two days with Maddux at Fitch Park in Mesa, Ariz., where he's helping with the instructional league.

"Greg's intent is to stay with the Cubs for 2011 and do exactly what he's doing now," Hendry said.

The two have had numerous conversations since Cubs manager Lou Piniella left, including discussions about Maddux joining the big league staff.

"[Towers' comments] didn't bother me because I knew what Greg was going to do," Hendry said. "I don't blame anybody for wanting Greg Maddux."

The former Cubs pitcher has not expressed a desire to get back in uniform.

"He could probably do any job in the game that he chooses to down the road," Hendry said. "He made the commitment to his family to work this way. When he wants to come back, if he wants to be in uniform, I'll always try to accommodate him. He made it real clear to me and we talked about it then, looking ahead. We already knew Lou wasn't coming back and that he was going to retire. I said, 'Hey, there are going to be some changes,' and he said, 'I'd prefer to be doing what I'm doing for another year.'"