Colvin working hard at first to not look foolish

Colvin working hard at first to not look foolish

Colvin working hard at first to not look foolish
MESA, Ariz. -- Tyler Colvin has been asking a lot of questions this spring.

Colvin, whom the Cubs want to see play first base as well as outfield, has been spending a lot of time on infield drills.

"This is something I enjoy," Colvin said Saturday. "I really do like taking ground balls. I'm used to this because it's exactly what I had to do at Clemson."

Cubs manager Mike Quade has asked Colvin if he's comfortable at first to make sure the transition is smooth. On Sunday in the first Cactus League game, Colvin will sub in right field.

"Everything's great," Colvin said. "I just need to know where I need to be in certain situations. I can always ask Carlos [Pena] -- he's been great. We'll see what happens in the games. I'm excited about it."

Pena has been his No. 1 tutor and Colvin is making sure to ask for guidance.

"I didn't have that luxury last year to talk to [Derrek Lee] about it because I didn't start taking ground balls until he left," Colvin said. "We have another Gold Glover here [in Pena] and I'd be an idiot if I didn't pick his brain."

For example, if there's a man on second base and the ball is hit up the middle and Colvin is at first, he can't just stand there and watch.

"I have to remember, I'm the cutoff man and I have to get out there," Colvin said. "It's little stuff like that that worried me last year. You're fine taking ground balls but once you get in the game, you have to do a lot more than just catch the ball.

"You don't want to look like a fool out there," he said.