Coleman deactivates Twitter account

Coleman deactivates Twitter account

MESA, Ariz. -- Cubs pitcher Casey Coleman has retired his Twitter account.

"I couldn't keep up with it," he said Friday. "I've never done fantasy baseball or fantasy basketball. The only thing I can do is fantasy football because it's once a week."

Coleman was the only verified Cubs player who had a Twitter account, which he started in the offseason and had developed nearly 2,000 followers.

"I would get tons of people who would tag you and say, 'This guy is the only Cubs on Twitter so follow him,'" Coleman said. "I wanted to try it out. I'm not going to be a Terrell Owens or [Chad] Ochocinco."

Both of those pro football players are very active on Twitter. Not Coleman.

"I wanted to see what responses I would get," he said about why he started an account. "I would tweet, 'Fishing out here in Florida.' Now, I'm out in the field all day. I don't want to tweet about how a bullpen goes."