Zambrano tunes up with final Cactus outing

Zambrano tunes up with final Cactus outing

Zambrano tunes up with final Cactus outing
GOODYEAR, Ariz. -- Carlos Zambrano tuned up for the regular season by pitching five innings against the Indians on Monday and overlooked some plays that weren't made behind him.

"This is Spring Training," said Zambrano, whose next start for the Cubs will count, Saturday at Wrigley Field against the Pirates. "I want to worry about what happens in that little circle. I want to worry about what I do.

"There's nothing I can do when people don't execute double plays or people don't make plays. My job here is to pitch, and not to criticize or do any other thing. Just pitch."

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That's a good sign by Zambrano, who missed time last season when he was ordered to undergo anger management therapy.

Zambrano gave up four runs on four hits and five walks against the Indians.

"The most import thing is how I feel, how my arm responds," he said. "So far this Spring Training, my body has responded good. Let's get it on. Let's do what we can do and what we're capable of doing."

Zambrano started the previous six Opening Days for the Cubs, but he is No. 2 this year as Ryan Dempster gets Friday's season opener.

"I had my chance," Zambrano said. "Now it's Dempster's chance, and he deserves it. It doesn't matter. Dempster was pitching for the last two years No. 2 and he did a good job. It's about doing a good job. It's not about who's this guy or what position or number you are in the rotation. It doesn't matter. I'm just going to be there and do my job. That's what I want to do."

What has also changed is the departure of Zambrano's friend and teammate, Carlos Silva, who was released on Sunday.

"It's kind of sad," Zambrano said. "I spoke to him and I was kind of worried. He didn't want to talk about much. I just gave him some good words. I told him just to be confident you'll get another job. I know he can play for another team. I wish him the best, and we will keep in touch."