Cubs enter clubhouse to motivational message

Cubs enter clubhouse to motivational message

Cubs enter clubhouse to motivational message
CHICAGO -- When the Cubs players walked into the clubhouse Saturday, there were some words of wisdom on the message board.

"You can't see the rising sun if your eyes are fixed on the setting one," it read. "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called present. Conquer the now."

First baseman Carlos Pena was believed to be behind the message, but he said it was one of the clubhouse attendants. It definitely wasn't Cubs manager Mike Quade.

"The yin and the yang? These guys are way beyond smarts for me -- just go play," Quade said. "I talk way too much, but I'm not that philosophical. Just figure out a way to beat the Pirates."

Whoever did pen the message needs to use spell check. Yesterday was spelled "yesteday." What's important was the message.

"I like it," Pena said. "To be able to turn the page, and I'm talking about every cell in your body detaching yourself from the past and detaching yourself from the future and focusing on the now.

"If you think about it, you can handle the present moment. I can be totally present this second and give 100 percent this second, and that's doable. Sometimes when we try to take too much on, whether we're carrying some baggage from the past or thinking too far ahead into the future, then all of a sudden I'm absent from the present moment."

So, focus on the now, 100 percent on this pitch, this play. It's something the Cubs players have discussed. It may be the best way to shrug off an Opening Day loss or an 0-for-4 day or 100-plus years without a world championship.

What would Quade's saying be?

"Eight and a half innings at home," he said. "Let's play 8 1/2 [innings] at Wrigley."