Samardzija still needs to work on his control

Samardzija still needs to work on his control

MILWAUKEE -- Jeff Samardzija had an early session in the bullpen Sunday with pitching coach Mark Riggins. On Saturday, Samardzija walked four in the eighth inning.

He's a work in progress.

"That's another situation where he's going to be as good as his ability to hit the glove, period," Cubs manager Mike Quade said. "His stuff is plenty good enough to be successful here. You've got to locate it, and locate it well and locate consistently down. Until he does that, he's going to struggle here. He knows that.

"Whether it's a mechanical thing, whether it's mental, whether it's a combination of the two, he's just got to fall in love with the catcher's glove and find it day in and day out," Quade said.

In his previous outing, on Tuesday, Samardzija struck out the first two batters he faced to finish the sixth, but walked two of three to open the seventh before he was pulled. After that outing, he watched video, then went out to the left-field corner at Wrigley Field to throw against the wall to work on his mechanics.

"I have a very short memory," Quade said. "Just come out and pitch well the next time. Pitching well will keep you in ballgames."