Quade perplexed by Dodgers' steal attempt

Quade perplexed by Dodgers' steal attempt

CHICAGO -- On Friday, Dodgers catcher A.J. Ellis attempted to steal a base in the fifth inning with an 8-1 lead. After the game, Cubs manager Mike Quade said he was a little perplexed.

"I do think I probably need to get a copy of the Milwaukee and L.A. unwritten rules books, too, unless they missed a sign," Quade said. "I was a little surprised at that. But I believe there was a missed sign."

Apparently, that's what happened.

"I missed a sign," said A.J. Ellis, who was thrown out. Ellis has eight steals in nine professional seasons and none as a Major Leaguer.

The Brewers stole bases on the Cubs with a five-run lead on April 9.

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly wasn't sure about any violation of etiquette but admitted there was an internal communications breakdown.

"We knew when it happened, we figured they'd be irritated," Mattingly said of the Cubs. "[Third-base coach Tim Wallach] missed it from me. He realized it, tried to tell him, 'No,' but he went. We weren't trying to run. We definitely wouldn't run A.J.

"But, it is Wrigley, and we did give up eight runs in the ninth [Tuesday night], and we are trying to win a game."