Quade has fond memories of time with Dusty

Quade has fond memories of time with Dusty

CHICAGO -- Cubs manager Mike Quade was the skipper at Triple-A Iowa when Dusty Baker was in charge of the big league team in 2003.

"So much of my time with Dusty was spent when I was in Iowa, but the way I was treated is something I'll never forget," Quade said Friday as his team prepared for a National League Central showdown between his Cubs and Baker's Reds.

Quade joined the Cubs for the last month of the 2003 season when the Minor League campaign had ended, and he was with the team when it clinched the Central. He figured once the playoffs started, he was headed home, but Baker wanted Quade to stay.

"[Baker] said, 'No, you're going to the playoffs with us,'" Quade said. "I said, 'You take your best 25 [players], your staff who has been working all year, and get rid of us idiots and go play.' He was having none of that.

"I was almost embarrassed and flattered that he wanted me around," Quade said. "The guy's obviously been a very good manager for a long time."