Quade confident in Zambrano at the dish

Quade confident in Zambrano at the dish

CHICAGO -- Carlos Zambrano made sure he got some swings at Fenway Park during the Cubs' trip there last weekend. On Tuesday, Cubs manager Mike Quade used the pitcher as a pinch-hitter, and Zambrano delivered a two-run single in the seventh.

With three starting pitchers currently on the disabled list, did Quade have any second thoughts about using Zambrano? Not at all.

"He always wants a reward," Quade said of Zambrano. "There's always an at-bat [involved] -- it's rarely more time on the mound."

Quade watched Zambrano in batting practice in Boston as he hit one over the Green Monster and another on top of the left-field wall. Zambrano holds the team's all-time record for most home runs by a pitcher.

"He's an animal," Quade said. "He's some kind of an athlete."

Zambrano then joined the discussion in the dugout where the manager was holding court.

"We're trying to win the Silver Slugger," Quade said, giving Zambrano a fist pump.