Cubs set three-game series attendance mark

Cubs set three-game series attendance mark

CHICAGO -- Thanks for coming, everybody.

The Cubs set a record for home attendance for a three-game series this weekend at Wrigley Field, drawing 126,283 for the Interleague matchup against the Yankees.

The two teams drew 42,219 on Friday; 42,236 on Saturday; and 41,828 on Sunday. Saturday's crowd was the largest regular-season attendance since 45,777 jammed into the ballpark on April 7, 1978, for the home opener and watched the Cubs beat the Pirates, 1-0.

The previous three-game regular-season high was 124,810 for a series between the Cubs and Brewers, June 29-July 1, 2007.

This was the Yankees' first trip to Wrigley since 2003, when they played an Interleague series and drew 118,063, but that was before additional seats were added to the ballpark and the bleachers were expanded.