Quade likes Cubs' aggressive ways on bases

Quade likes Cubs' aggressive ways on bases

Quade likes Cubs' aggressive ways on bases
KANSAS CITY -- The Cubs may have gotten themselves thrown out on the bases four times in Friday's 6-4 Interleague win over the Royals, but in a way, manager Mike Quade is OK with it.

He said he'd rather have his players make outs because of aggressive running than dumb mistakes, and offered a bit of analysis on each play.

The first player to be thrown out was Starlin Castro, who tried to steal third base on Royals lefty Bruce Chen. Castro didn't get a good jump, but it was a close play at the bag.

"We start out with Casty stealing third, we want to give him the freedom to do that," Quade said. "Chen's anywhere from 1.7, 1.65 to 1.8 [seconds to the plate]. We wanted to have the freedom to do that, but I didn't like his jump. And he still [nearly] beat it. "

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The Cubs made two outs on the bases in the fourth inning, and both came on hits that drove in runs. Catcher Geovany Soto was thrown out by Royals right fielder Jeff Francoeur trying to go from first to third on Carlos Pena's single.

"You want to make good decisions. I'd rather start with us thinking aggressive and thinking that," Quade said. "If Soto's out by 10 feet, OK. If there's nobody out, uh-huh. Or if there's two outs, uh-huh. But with one out, [OK]. So, I had mixed emotions about that all night, about all of that."

Later, Alfonso Soriano was thrown out trying to score on a Lou Montanez double, with Alex Gordon relaying a throw in from left field. Royals catcher Brayan Pena blocked the plate and got the tag to end the inning.

"Yeah, I don't know if he ever got to the plate," Quade said. "I thought he was safe, but they might have had the plate blocked. So OK, fine, two out, take a shot? Absolutely. Goes against us."

In the sixth, Aramis Ramirez hit a hard ball down the left-field line that looked like it might go for extra bases. Gordon played it well though and delivered a strike to second that got to the bag well before Ramirez.

"Ramirez, bustin' out of the box, freakin' Gordon's careening off the wall, out easy," Quade said. "Would have loved to see him pull up, but again, I kind of understand it."

And of course, the Cubs were able to win on one of the few plays the Royals didn't make that night, when second baseman Chris Getz mishandled a ground ball that allowed the winning run to score.