Barney revels in streak-busting snag

Barney revels in streak-busting snag

Barney revels in streak-busting snag
HOUSTON -- The Cubs made it into Houston around 7 p.m. Sunday night, giving second baseman Darwin Barney time to watch his sensational diving catch in the fifth inning that helped end the 33-game hitting streak by Atlanta's Dan Uggla.

"I was surprised how tough a catch it was," Barney said. "Off the bat, when you have a bead on it, you don't think. You go.

"It looked worse than it felt. My shoulder hurts a little bit today. I kind of came down on it. But I'm all right."

ESPN showed Barney's replay over and over again Sunday night.

"You can't get too wrapped up in it," Barney said. "You've got to try to stay consistent in this game. If you have a bad night, you're not wanting to turn on ESPN. If you have a good night, you [want to]."

Since it was only the fifth inning, Barney, who ran well into right field toward the foul line to make the play, did not assume the catch would end Uggla's streak.

"When a guy's going as good as he is, it's just one at-bat," Barney. "For me, it wasn't, that could be it. I was happy to do my part, but I didn't think that was the important play. [Alfonso] Soriano made a running catch in the first."

Manager Mike Quade also saw the replay of Barney's catch several times.

"It was pretty good," Quade joked. "The way his body was contorted made it look even better."