Interim GM Bush: It's business as usual

Interim GM Bush: It's business as usual

Interim GM Bush: It's business as usual
CHICAGO -- It's business as usual for the Cubs as they begin their first week without Jim Hendry, who was dismissed as general manager on Friday after 17 seasons with the team.

Randy Bush, 52, who was promoted from assistant GM to interim GM, met with the baseball operations staff in Chicago and conducted a conference call with chairman Tom Ricketts, the scouts and the player development staff.

Bush's message is that he will do everything possible to make the transition smooth to the next general manager. He also wanted to try to address any concerns they may have about their future with the Cubs.

"Tom has spoken about how happy he is and impressed he is with our scouting departments and player development," Bush said Sunday. "He's happy with [player development director Oneri Fleita's] leadership and [scouting director] Tim Wilken, and I expressed to them that [Ricketts] has those feelings about the job they're doing, and that we could see a path where a lot of things in place would stay in place."

Bush is not a candidate for the general manager's job with the Cubs. Ricketts has said he wants to hire someone from outside the organization. That doesn't mean Bush, who has been the Cubs' assistant GM for five seasons, doesn't have aspirations to be a general manager someday.

"I think that's something, if the opportunity presented itself down the line, I would like to explore it," Bush said. "But I certainly understand Mr. Ricketts' decision and the fact that he wanted a fresh start, and I really appreciate the fact that he was open and honest about that when we had our discussion last Wednesday."

What would Bush tell the next Cubs GM?

"I'd tell him I believe we've done a great job recently of acquiring talent," Bush said, "and that Mr. Ricketts has made a commitment both domestically and internationally to pursue the top talent available, and that our player development people are doing a great job of moving those players along at the right pace to get them here so they'll be here for a long time."

If there are any waiver-wire trades to be made, Bush will handle that. One thing he made clear to Ricketts was that things happen quickly in baseball. Some teams in the race may need help because of injuries or performance.

"I don't anticipate anything," Bush said. "I think it's the nature of the business that opportunities come up at different times, and we have to be prepared."