Coleman's father last Tigers pitcher to win 23

Coleman's father last Tigers pitcher to win 23

Coleman's father last Tigers pitcher to win 23
CINCINNATI -- Cubs pitcher Casey Coleman knows his dad, Joe, was keeping an eye on Detroit's Justin Verlander on Tuesday night.

Verlander picked up his 23rd win in the Tigers' 5-0 victory over the White Sox. The last Detroit pitcher to win that many was Casey's dad, who went 23-15 in 1973.

"His best years were in Detroit, and it's cool to get mentioned like that, especially with a guy like Verlander, who's the best pitcher in baseball right now," Casey Coleman said Tuesday.

The Cubs' 24-year-old pitcher, who is a third-generation Major League pitcher, never saw his father in a game. Casey was born in 1987, and his dad pitched from 1965-79.

"He's always been a coach," Casey said. "I've just seen pictures and heard stories."

Father and son are not the same type of pitcher either.

"He always told me he threw in the mid to upper 90s [mph], and he used to throw a hard forkball," Casey said.

Joe Coleman was effective and was ranked in the top 100 pitchers in strikeouts. Today, he's tied for 105th with Milt Pappas with 1,728 career strikeouts. Chicago's Ryan Dempster, who started Tuesday against the Reds, is 90th with 1,751 K's.

Casey said he heard stories about his father throwing 11 innings in one game of a doubleheader. Actually, his dad went 11 innings in a game five times (he won three), and 10 innings in two other starts (and won both).

"Back then, it was a little different," Casey said.