Cubs keeping a close eye on Lake

Cubs keeping a close eye on Lake

MESA, Ariz. -- Highly touted prospect Junior Lake started at shortstop on Tuesday and he's a player the Cubs want to watch.

"He's a little raw defensively," Sveum said of the 21-year-old infielder. "You can see things he has to get better at there. He's a real tall shortstop and does everything real tall. He needs to get a little lower.

"The guy's a specimen," Sveum said. "He has some kind of athletic body. He's got to just keep playing. He's a guy who needs at-bats in games and stuff like that. That's a pretty good talent coming."

Lake is 6-foot-2, and is taller than Starlin Castro, the Cubs' incumbent shortstop. Could Lake move to third?

"I think he's one of those athletes who can probably play anywhere on the field," Sveum said. "When all that stuff comes up, depending on what need we have position-wise, I think he's capable athletically of doing anything we want him to do."