Piniella not in favor of instant replay

Piniella not in favor of instant replay

PITTSBURGH -- Major League Baseball has talked about possibly using instant replay to help umpires, especially with home run calls, but Lou Piniella doesn't want to even consider it.

"I don't like the idea," the Cubs manager said Friday of instant replay. "When the NFL coaches drop that red handkerchief [for a review], I go to the refrigerator for about four, five minutes.

"Baseball talks about speeding up the game -- in fact all the general managers and either the manager or bench coaches were on a conference call for an hour on how to speed up the game," Piniella said of a call last week. "Certainly having instant replay isn't going to speed up the game.

"My thoughts are, the game's been this way for 100 years and it's done well," he said. "Players, managers, coaches are all going to make mistakes, as umpires are, and it all evens out. I don't see the need for replay on home runs or anything else."

Managers make mistakes? Piniella wouldn't know anything about that.

"But that's just my opinion," he said. "I'm sure the people who make these decisions don't care about my opinions."

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