Cubs' bullpen remains unsettled

Cubs' bullpen remains unsettled

Cubs' bullpen remains unsettled
MESA, Ariz. -- While all the Cubs' position players know whether they've made the 25-man roster, the bullpen is still in flux. While others were bringing personal items to be packed on the truck to Chicago, relievers like Rafael Dolis must wait. He doesn't know if he's going to make the Opening Day roster or go to the Minor Leagues.

"They just said, 'Pitch, do your job,'" Dolis said.

Cubs manager Dale Sveum said Friday that the final decisions may not be announced until the 11th hour.

"It'll probably go down to possibly the workout on Wednesday [at Wrigley Field] to make those decisions," Sveum said.

One player they're not worried about is Kerry Wood, who faced one batter on Thursday, threw five pitches in his first outing since March 18, and that was enough.

"He'll get another inning in before we start up," Sveum said. "It'll be a full inning the next time. We might bring him into a situation again, if it arises, where the starting pitcher is getting close to his pitch count and get [Wood] up there and bring him in when there's two outs. He did well, and that was nice to see."

The Cubs will head north with seven relievers, and there are still 11 on the spring roster. Carlos Marmol, Kerry Wood and James Russell are set. Casey Coleman has been told he's going to Triple-A Iowa and Frankie De La Cruz also was in the Minor League camp and not expected to make the Opening Day roster.

The list of relievers remaining includes Manuel Corpas, Alberto Cabrera, Shawn Camp, Lendy Castillo, Rodrigo Lopez, and Dolis.

Everyone else is packing their gear for Chicago. How long will it take Dolis to pack?

"I can take five minutes, three minutes," Dolis said, laughing. "I can take one minute -- or just leave all my clothes."