Sveum: Wrigley winds affect game strategy

Sveum: Wrigley winds affect game strategy

CHICAGO -- The elements were much more favorable for hitters on Saturday at Wrigley Field. Instead of blowing in from the northeast at 18 mph, it was a pleasant seven mph from the southwest.

Don Zimmer used to say the ballpark was actually Wrigley I and Wrigley II, depending on which way the wind was blowing. Does Cubs manager Dale Sveum need to manage differently?

"You're fighting and scratching for any kind of way you can possibly score," Sveum said of conditions when the wind is blowing in.

Ian Stewart and Alfonso Soriano were each robbed of potential home runs Thursday, and Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman hit two that would've likely gone out.

"You do manage different [when the wind is blowing in], there's no question about it," Sveum said. "You can't sit around and wait, thinking somebody is going to hit a solo home run to win it or a three-run homer. That's just reality, and it's not going to happen."