Wood may return to action on Friday

Wood may return to action on Friday

Wood may return to action on Friday
MIAMI -- Kerry Wood had a cortisone shot in his right shoulder on Wednesday and if all goes well, he could be back in the Cubs' bullpen on Friday.

"He said he already felt relief from [the shot], so that's good," Cubs manager Dale Sveum said Wednesday.

Wood, 34, returned to Chicago on Tuesday after feeling some discomfort in his shoulder following his last outing Friday in St. Louis. When Wood does return, the Cubs will be careful in how they use him.

"It'll still be an every-other-day thing until we know he's feeling great and really strong," Sveum said.

For the two remaining games in Miami, Sveum planned to use James Russell or Rafael Dolis in the setup role.

"You try to mix and match a little bit," Sveum said.

Dolis served up Hanley Ramirez's game-winning three-run homer on Tuesday, but Sveum would like to get the 24-year-old rookie more work.

"He's kind of a guy you almost want to start seeing more and more to see if his stuff gets better being a little more tired," Sveum said. "A lot of time with sinkerballers, their sinker gets better when they keep the ball at 92, 93 miles an hour than they are at 95, 97 when the ball can flatten out a little bit."

Wood has pitched in four games so far, and blew a save in his first outing, then took the loss in the second.