Campana forced to dodge hungry birds

Campana forced to dodge hungry birds

CHICAGO -- At one point in Sunday's game, Cubs center fielder Tony Campana appeared to be the target of some of the seagulls looking for food scraps.

The birds swooped down during the Cubs' game against the Dodgers, and Campana had to duck.

"There was a fan who threw a piece of pizza at me," Campana said. "I had to kick it away from me so the birds didn't eat me. They were all around me today."

The seagulls enjoy the fans' leftovers in the bleachers, and have discovered that they can find a good meal after day games. Sunday's game started late because of rain, so they arrived while play was still in progress.

"Sometimes I notice them," Campana said. "When the pitches are being thrown, they don't bug me."

He's seen the Alfred Hitchcock movie, "The Birds," right?

"Yeah, I have," Campana said, laughing. "They're all over the place out there. They get close to me, too. They aren't real scared of me. It's all fun."