Sveum keeps perspective in face of defeats

Sveum keeps perspective in face of defeats

CHICAGO -- Dale Sveum never seems to get rattled after losses.

"I think my personality allows me not to take it home with me," the Cubs' manager said Wednesday.

He'll go over the game in his head, reviewing what decisions he made. Thinking about Tuesday's loss to the Cardinals, Sveum said St. Louis won on a ground ball that got through a hole. It also could've been hit at someone.

"I've been around long enough to understand that's the game," he said. "It's baseball, and sometimes it is a game of inches. As long as you know your team has given everything they've got and the preparation is there with the coaching staff -- you know somebody is going to lose that night, put it that way. When you lose, you dwell on it for a little while and maybe shoulda, woulda, coulda's, but I don't take it home with me. It'll drive you crazy."

He can handle any criticism he's dealt.

"I've been criticized as a player," Sveum said. "I wasn't very good."