Sveum no stranger to intense rivalries

Sveum no stranger to intense rivalries

CHICAGO -- Dale Sveum has been a part of intense rivalries, participating in the Red Sox-Yankees series as a player and a coach. This weekend will be his first exposure to the Crosstown Showdown between the Cubs and White Sox.

"You don't want to say it's different than any other game, but they are, that's the way it is," Sveum said of the Interleague matchup.

The Cubs play host to the White Sox at Wrigley Field for three games, starting Friday, and the two teams will meet again at U.S. Cellular Field from June 18-20.

"Everything's more magnified -- the fans are into it, they're going to stay longer," Sveum said. "It's a whole different atmosphere than any other game. It's like being in the playoffs but you're not.

"To me, you feel like it's Christmas morning. You can't wait until that morning comes. I think you get up earlier. It's different, and it's not just any other game."