Sveum ejected after arguing call at second

Sveum ejected after arguing call at second

Sveum ejected after arguing call at second
CHICAGO -- Manager Dale Sveum knew he could expect some intensity between the Cubs and White Sox in their intracity Interleague games, and he showed some himself in the fifth inning of the Cubs' 3-2 loss on Friday when he was ejected for arguing a call at second.

David DeJesus singled with one out in the fifth and tried to stretch his hit. But Dayan Viciedo's throw to second baseman Gordon Beckham was in time. DeJesus and Beckham collided at second, with the White Sox infielder tumbling into the baserunner. DeJesus was called safe by third-base umpire Marty Foster, but then called out as Beckham knocked him off the bag. Sveum argued about the collision and was tossed by Foster.

"As far as I know, you can't shove people off the base, otherwise, everybody would be doing it all the time," Sveum said. "We lost a guy on second base and a potential guy in scoring position, and it was a big play at that part of the game."

Sveum didn't offer Foster's explanation.

"I'll just keep that between us," Sveum said.

DeJesus said it was the first time he was pushed off the bag.

"Those situations don't happen too often," DeJesus said.

Foster didn't say much to DeJesus.

"He said I kind of bounced off the base or something like that when [Beckham] barreled me, so I couldn't do anything about it," DeJesus said. "I didn't know what to do. Dave [McKay, first-base coach] was telling me to stay on the base, and the umpire was saying I was out, so I was staying on the base. I want to see the replay. It probably looked pretty funny."

For Sveum, it was bad timing. Friday's game was Kerry Wood's last, and instead of handing the ball to Wood in the eighth inning, the Cubs' manager was in the clubhouse.

"I wish I could've been the one who took him out of the game and made that decision," Sveum said. "I wish I would've thought about that before I got carried away -- I did afterword. I was like, 'Man, I'm going to miss this.'"

It's the second time Sveum has been ejected this season.

The two teams were issued a warning by home-plate umpire Tim Timmons in the fourth after White Sox starter Philip Humber threw behind Bryan LaHair to open the fourth. Humber's throw came after Jeff Samardzija hit Paul Konerko with a pitch above the left eye.

"Are you expecting retaliation and somebody throwing at somebody else's head? No," Sveum said. "Unfortunately, you're not expecting any retaliation after somebody gets hit by a split-finger fastball. We're obviously not trying to hit Paul with any kind of pitch like that.

"If there's retaliation, you'd appreciate it if the guy throws a little lower than he did," Sveum said. "He didn't. Those are incidents that happen in baseball. I hope Paul's all right. He's a friend of mine. I play golf with him and spend some time with him. Hopefully, it's no big deal."

LaHair expected to get plunked, but didn't think the White Sox would throw at his head.

"Any time a player like Konerko gets hit, it doesn't matter where he gets hit, there's always going to be some retalitation," LaHair said. "Hit me, just don't hit me in the head. They didn't, they missed, so it was good for me."