Epstein appreciates Wood's legacy with Cubs

Epstein appreciates Wood's legacy with Cubs

CHICAGO -- Kerry Wood had talked informally about the next stage of his career with Theo Epstein, Cubs president of baseball operations, before the pitcher announced his retirement on Friday. Epstein said they discussed player development, scouting and front-office options.

Right now, Wood will focus on his family.

"He needs to take some time, as he said, to be a great dad, a great husband," Epstein said Saturday. "I always recommend taking a little bit of time away from the game."

Although Epstein has only been around Wood for about six months, he can understand the impact the right-hander had on the team and its fans.

"It's easy as a baseball fan to have an appreciation for what he's accomplished and his role in Cubs history," Epstein said. "Seeing his son run out there [on Friday], I think that got to me as well as everybody. It resonated to see that connection and how genuine that affection was for his son. It was really special.

"He's been through a lot just to get on the field, all the injuries he's had to battle through," Epstein said of Wood, who has been on the disabled list 16 times in his career. "The way he's gone about his business has been a great example for everybody."