Hill working hard to learn new pitchers

Hill working hard to learn new pitchers

HOUSTON -- Koyie Hill knows most of the Cubs' pitchers, so the transition from catching young Double-A pitchers to the big leagues has been relatively easy. It also helps that he's the father of two young girls.

Hill signed Saturday with the Cubs, who were in need of help after three catchers were sidelined with injuries. He was with the Cubs from 2007-11, so he knows most of the pitching staff and is learning quickly about the others.

"I had fun catching Paul [Maholm] the other day," Hill said. "He was somebody I always watched, because I never got to face lefties that much. I enjoyed how he competed. Win, lose or draw, you've got a guy who can compete and is capable of getting something out of his ability. Then you're going to have some success and there's something to go on."

The process now is to learn more about the pitchers as people, not just what they throw.

"I wouldn't say it comes easy, but it's something I've learned over the years on how to trim the fat on that stuff and get to the core of a guy pretty fast, just by hanging around them and being in different situations," Hill said. "A lot of times, it's just listening, and that's something I learned from my girls. I've often compared my girls to the bullpen and the pitching staff, because you have to figure out what makes each one of them work. No situation is like the other."