Cubs look to Castro to take more walks

Cubs look to Castro to take more walks

Cubs look to Castro to take more walks
PITTSBURGH -- Since Starlin Castro made his debut in May 2010, he has the most hits in the National League. The Cubs would like to see him walk more.

Castro entered Saturday's game against the Pirates with four walks in 45 games, and only one in 22 games in May. He has more stolen bases (13) than walks. Can the 22-year-old shortstop learn to be patient?

"A lot of people do," Cubs manager Dale Sveum said. "Some guys, it takes time, some guys are built to do it. Sometimes it takes 2,000 or 3,000 Major League at-bats. A lot of time, you just get tired of rolling over [with the bat] and tired of swinging at bad pitches. A lot of times that's the maturity level that comes with Major League at-bats, too."

Not drawing more walks is not why Sveum moved Castro from the third spot to second in the order.

"It was more change more than anything," Sveum said of the reasoning. "He's down to .300 now with men in scoring position, and a week ago, he was up in the .350, .360 [range]."

At 22, Castro is one of the youngest players in the game, too. He's not just learning how to walk.

"Sometimes it's a gradual learning process," Sveum said. "He's getting his hits, but the last couple weeks, he's not hitting the ball hard. He knows he has to make adjustments."