Sveum, Cubs eager for Target Field visit

Sveum, Cubs eager for Target Field visit

Sveum, Cubs eager for Target Field visit
MILWAUKEE -- This weekend, the Cubs get their first look at the Twins' new home, Target Field.

"It's a fantastic stadium," said manager Dale Sveum, who has been at the ballpark for Interleague games between the Twins and Brewers. "It's probably one of the best venues there is as far as atmosphere. They built a unique stadium. It plays a little big sometimes, but when the weather is warm, it plays a lot different."

Outfielder David DeJesus played there during his days in the American League.

"The guys will be impressed going from the Metrodome to this field," DeJesus said. "It's awesome."

Is it pitcher-friendly?

"Definitely," DeJesus said. "In the middle of the field, it's pretty deep. Down the right-field line, the high wall, it's not as deep, and in left field, the ball carries pretty good. It plays true to what it is."

OK, let's ask a pitcher who has played at Target Field.

"I'd say it's fair," reliever Shawn Camp said. "It's definitely hitter-friendly down the lines. It's less hitter-friendly than most parks. The alleys are deep."

Neither DeJesus nor Camp miss the Metrodome. Camp said that his team was once forced to play a 9 a.m. game to accommodate a University of Minnesota football game, and DeJesus lost a fly ball against the domed stadium's roof.

"But at least it went foul," DeJesus said. "I was running to the line, and next thing you know, I was looking up and it was out near the bullpen."