Soriano to serve as DH against Twins

Soriano to serve as DH against Twins

MILWAUKEE -- The Cubs will take advantage of Interleague Play in an American League ballpark and use Alfonso Soriano as the designated hitter, giving him three days off a sore left knee.

"It's coming right at the right time," manager Dale Sveum said of the three-game series against the Twins, which starts on Friday. "I've been playing [Soriano] every day. He's that one threat in our lineup, and it's hard to give him days off at all. To his credit, he doesn't want any days off, and he doesn't take days off from work. You have to give him credit for that."

Soriano entered Thursday's game with nine home runs in his last 21 games, dating back to May 15, more than any other player in the Major Leagues since that time. His left knee is tender, but it hasn't limited him at the plate. It does make it difficult for Soriano to stop in the field when he's chasing balls.

Soriano has started 52 of the Cubs' 57 games in left. He's impressed Sveum with his pregame preparation as well as his attitude during batting practice.

"He's not taking any days off in the outfield and working," Sveum said. "That's the most impressive thing of all. ... I have tons of admiration for Soriano. He's been far and above anything I've expected."