Stewart bothered by sore left wrist

Stewart bothered by sore left wrist

Stewart bothered by sore left wrist
MINNEAPOLIS -- For the last couple of weeks, Cubs third baseman Ian Stewart has played with his left wrist well wrapped. He's had soreness since Spring Training, and the discomfort has expanded.

"It was starting to get sore on the other side of my wrist, on the inside part," Stewart said Friday. "The tape job that Mark [O'Neal, head athletic trainer] came up with has been helping. It's helped stabilize it and it's keeping it from bending one way or another too much."

Cubs manager Dale Sveum has kept Stewart in the lineup because of his glove work.

"It's just a matter of him coming in and saying it's too sore to go, as much as anything," Sveum said. "That defense is tough to take out of the lineup. He's a guy who hopefully gets hot and can carry you.

"He's got to get in there and play that defense and somehow figure something out and get hot to carry us. It's too big of an at-bat. If it's not consistent, be streaky -- that would be nice."

The wrist problems haven't affected his defensive play.

"For the most part, the movement with the glove is more with the arm than the wrist," Stewart said.

Stewart has struggled at the plate, entering Friday's game batting .194 overall and 3-for-17 on this seven-game road trip. Sveum dropped Stewart to ninth in the lineup for the first game of the Cubs Interleague series against the Twins.

Is Stewart frustrated?

"Definitely," Stewart said. "I haven't gotten hot this year yet. It'll come and everything will just take care of itself."