Sveum pleased with Soriano's production

Sveum pleased with Soriano's production

PHOENIX -- A week after fans booed Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano for not running out a hard-hit ball the veteran thought had been caught, manager Dale Sveum reflected on the 36-year-old's season to date.

"He's not doing anything we didn't expect," Sveum said. "Those kind of guys, if they get enough at-bats, end up putting up the numbers they are supposed to."

Through 65 games, Soriano is hitting .265 -- which would be his highest batting average for a season since 2008 -- with 13 homers and a team-leading 43 RBIs.

Soriano still has two years left on his eight-year, $136 million contract, but even though he's being paid like a young superstar, Sveum said it's unfair to think the outfielder should put up the same numbers he did at a younger age, especially when related to speed.

"When you get to that age, not many people are 40-40 [players] after 35 years old," Sveum said. "It's unrealistic to expect someone to do what they did at 25, especially what he did. We know the stolen bases and all that stuff is out of the question."