Cubs impressed by Rizzo's defense at first

Cubs impressed by Rizzo's defense at first

CHICAGO -- Anthony Rizzo has looked good at first base in three games with the Cubs. Maybe that's not strong enough.

"He's really good," Cubs manager Dale Sveum said Saturday. "He's the prototypical left-handed first baseman. He's good and it looks a lot better when left-handers are fielding at first base. It's funny how that works."

Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer also was happy with some changes Rizzo has made at the plate since one year ago when the first baseman was in the Padres organization with Hoyer.

"The challenge for him is he's going to go through some adjustment periods and how he gets through those [will be the difference]," Hoyer said. "I think we have to let him play. He's very talented.

"He clearly has nothing left to prove in the Minor Leagues," Hoyer said. "The daily watch of how he's doing is not a great thing for anybody -- just let him play, and look up and hopefully the numbers will be there at the end of the year."