Rizzo, Campana stop by MLB Fan Cave

Rizzo, Campana stop by MLB Fan Cave

NEW YORK -- Cubs teammates Anthony Rizzo and Tony Campana stopped to visit the MLB Fan Cave on Friday, and they took part in a little question-and-answer session.

The two pulled questions out of a hat to ask each other. Apparently, Campana ended up being the brunt of the jokes.

"They asked who was the worst dresser on the team, and Anthony says it was me," Campana said. "He also called me 'Rudy' because I said I played football. He thought jockey was the better occupation. It was just a lot of him just blasting me -- but it was all right. It was fun."

Didn't Campana get a chance to make fun of Rizzo?

"I had questions like, 'Spell Samardzija,' which I didn't spell right," Campana said of his teammate, Jeff Samardzija, who is a challenge to any writer.

"[Rizzo] was asked who would he sing with in the seventh-inning stretch, and he said, 'Babe Ruth,'" Campana said. "I couldn't say anything about that."