Stewart has peace of mind after wrist surgery

Stewart has peace of mind after wrist surgery

Stewart has peace of mind after wrist surgery
CHICAGO -- Cubs third baseman Ian Stewart said he's gained more peace of mind after surgery on his left wrist, which has bothered him for the last few years.

"Over those two or three years, there's a lot of cortisone shots, a lot of MRIs, X-rays, with nothing ever showing up," Stewart said. "It had been weighing on me a lot, especially over here, being with a new team and wanting to prove myself."

Stewart visited Dr. Thomas Graham in Cleveland after multiple doctors failed to find any structural damage. Stewart said Graham also had trouble finding any issues until putting his wrist under a fluoroscope and comparing the movement between both of his wrists.

That's when Stewart said Graham had an "Aha" moment.

"On the screen, he saw one of the bones on the outer part of my wrist was overlapping the bone next to it, which really means it's touching it and they're kind of rubbing together," Stewart said. "He kind of went from there and realized that's not what's supposed to happen."

Stewart, who had a bone taken out of his wrist, said there's no timetable for his return. He will get the sling removed in a couple of weeks, when he'll return to Cleveland to take off the wrapping and progress into more movement.

He said it's difficult to sit out, especially because he felt healthier during Spring Training. Though his status this year is still unknown, he thinks a return next season is definite.

"The best thing for me is coming here, even though there's not anything for me to do," Stewart said. "There's no icing, there's no treatment or anything. It's just nice to be around the team and feel like I'm a part of it still. I could very easily just be at home watching the games on TV, but that gets old."