Cubs share a laugh on 'Super Hero Day'

Cubs share a laugh on 'Super Hero Day'

PITTSBURGH -- There were no prizes for best costume after Sunday's "Super Hero Day" for the Cubs, but there were compliments on the creativity. Cubs manager Dale Sveum, for example, made up for a lost mask and painted his face for his character, "Hellboy."

"I could've won the makeup award," Sveum said. "My mask didn't come in -- it got lost in UPS somewhere, so I had to make up my own face."

Reed Johnson and Jeff Baker were not only dressed as Jed Hoyer and Theo Epstein, respectively, but also acted like the Cubs' general manager and president of baseball operations. Johnson and Baker sat in the first-class section of the Cubs' charter flight from St. Louis to Pittsburgh.

"That was classic," Sveum said. "The picture of them in first class was even better. That was awesome. They were on their cell phones."

There are more dress-up days scheduled, including an NHL sweater day and an NFL day to mark the opening of the football season.

"Guys get serious on that one," Sveum said. "Guys dress up like the 'Black Hole' guys in Oakland. That might be me, because I'm a Raiders fan. It'll be me and [Matt] Garza dressed up as the 'Black Hole' guys, black and silver all over the face."