Sveum reflects on getting ejected

Sveum reflects on getting ejected

WASHINGTON -- After being tossed from Wednesday night's game against the Nationals, Cubs manager Dale Sveum said the ejection was a rare sign of a lack of patience.

With no outs and a Nats runner on first base, Michael Morse stepped to the plate and took a ball from Cubs starter Chris Volstad. After the pitch, home-plate umpire Larry Vanover ejected Sveum from the dugout. Sveum sprinted onto the field to argue face to face with Vanover before crew chief and first-base umpire Jerry Lane intervened.

"Sometimes it takes a lot for me to get worked up about something," Sveum said Thursday. "As far as team-wise, it's a matter of, I am a very patient guy. That's one thing I got going for me. But I'm not going to lie to you, patience can only go so far sometimes, too."

After the Cubs ultimately lost, 9-1, Sveum said Vanover had been "eyeballing" Chicago's dugout the inning before. Volstad also said there had been some close calls the dugout disagreed with during that frame, though he was on the mound during Sveum's ejection and was unsure what exactly had happened.

"You do snap, and usually when I do it, not too many people are going to see it except maybe the individual," Sveum said. "You try not to have too many team meetings because if you have too many, then you know you're not a very good team."