Sveum bats pitcher eighth against Pirates

Sveum bats pitcher eighth against Pirates

Sveum bats pitcher eighth against Pirates
PITTSBURGH -- Tony Campana was happy to see his name in the Cubs' starting lineup on Saturday, even if he was batting ninth.

"I've batted ninth before," Campana said. "I've never hit behind a pitcher. But I was in [the lineup]. I got a little excited."

Cubs manager Dale Sveum inserted Campana behind Jeff Samardzija in the order in the pitcher's last game of the season to essentially give the team back-to-back leadoff batters in Campana and David DeJesus, who hit first.

"It's the right scenario -- a pitcher who can have quality at-bats in front of him and create something up there at the top of the order with Campana before DeJesus," Sveum said.

Former Cardinals manager Tony La Russa often did this as well, but this is the first time Sveum has done so this season. Sveum admitted he considered doing so before when Campana was playing more regularly in May and June.

Campana was subbing for Brett Jackson, who is sidelined indefinitely after crashing into the outfield wall Friday night and suffering a bruised right knee.

"The Cardinals used to do it a little bit -- it's another leadoff guy," Campana said about having the pitcher bat eighth. "It lets me bunt a little without thinking about the pitcher hitting behind me. It makes sense, I think."

"You have to have the right personnel to do it," Sveum said.

Samardzija will be shut down after Saturday's game because he has reached his innings limit but won't be done for the season. Sveum said he may use the pitcher as a pinch-runner in the final games.

Campana was just happy for some at-bats.

"I'm in the lineup," he said. "I'm fine with it."