Soriano continues to knock in runs aplenty

Soriano continues to knock in runs aplenty

PITTSBURGH -- Alfonso Soriano drove in his 92nd run on Saturday. That number marks his single-season high since joining the Cubs in 2007, and the most since he totaled 95 RBIs in 2006 with the Nationals.

Soriano has totaled 100 RBIs twice, driving in 102 in 2001 with the Yankees and 104 in 2005 with the Rangers. But the Cubs outfielder isn't celebrating the personal milestone.

"For me, it means nothing," Soriano said Sunday. "We're fifth in the division. It doesn't count. You have a good year, but it doesn't count if [the team] doesn't play good."

Soriano does see good signs from the Cubs after the bench-clearing dustup Thursday against the Nationals.

"I think playing Washington, they put something in us, the way they played," Soriano said. "We came back and it's like, 'Oh man, those guys play hard,' and we want to play hard, too. We started to play better and with emotion and take it one at-bat, one pitch, and do everything to win. That's what we see in Washington is how those guys [played], and it motivated this team."

Soriano is one of four players in the National League this season with 27 home runs and 92 RBIs, joining the Reds' Jay Bruce, the Nationals' Adam LaRoche and the Brewers' Ryan Braun.