Rizzo, Jackson back in action for opener vs. Bucs

Rizzo, Jackson back in action for opener vs. Bucs

CHICAGO -- Anthony Rizzo and Brett Jackson returned to the Cubs' lineup on Friday, both still a little sore but ready to play.

Rizzo was back after a freak collision and fall trying to beat a throw to first base on Tuesday in Houston. The first baseman suffered a bruised right shoulder. He also got razzed by teammates for his somersault onto the ground.

"I got a lot of style points," Rizzo said. "I got a couple 10s, a couple 6s."

Jackson crashed into the center field wall at PNC Park last Friday while making a catch and bruised his right knee. He knows to be careful.

"You try not to ram yourself into something hard," Jackson said. "It was unfortunate that I banged up my knee, but I was also pretty lucky. It could've been a lot worse."

Cubs manager Dale Sveum will advise Jackson to be careful but not to change his style in center field.

"You never want to take anybody's aggressiveness away," Sveum said. "That's part of the game, and those are the kind of guys you want playing for you, [guys who will go] through a wall. That play changed the whole game around. That's why people like that play center field, because they make plays like that and change the game around."