With Vitters at third, Cubs seek results, not style

With Vitters at third, Cubs seek results, not style

CHICAGO -- The Cubs aren't worried about style points as far as how rookie Josh Vitters plays third base.

"When you play third base, or any position, for certain people, they can do things by the book," Cubs manager Dale Sveum said Wednesday. "When you play third base, it's more spontaneous, as far as how you get the job done. You watch some of the great third basemen of all time, none of them were the prototypical, the way you teach infield play.

"It's a position where you don't get many routine plays [because] there's a lot of different bounces, different angles. You have to find what's comfortable for you sometimes, and it might even be throwing sidearm."

Vitters has been doing early work with infield coach Pat Listach, working on his footwork and throwing.

"We don't care how it gets done, just get it done," Sveum said. "I turned into much more of a guy who threw on the run and threw sidearm. I had a really strong arm, but I wasn't as accurate when I got on top as when I threw sidearm. Sometimes it takes a while to figure that out."

Whether or not Vitters is the answer at third in 2013 is yet to be determined.

"Obviously, we have some holes in a lot of areas that might need to be fixed, and we don't know exactly where that money is going to go," Sveum said. "[Luis] Valbuena will be part of the organization, and he does one heck of a job himself. We don't know what's going to happen there [at third]."