Bowden credits regular work for recent roll

Bowden credits regular work for recent roll

DENVER -- What's the key to Michael Bowden's recent success? He's been pitching more frequently.

The Cubs right-hander has thrown nine scoreless innings dating to Sept. 6, and he has given up one run over 13 1/3 innings in 11 games this month.

"In any job, it's really hard to be consistent and crisp if you're not getting consistent repetitions," Bowden said. "I know I'm much better when I get a lot of work, consistent work. I'm able to repeat my delivery. It's just a lot easier to grow and become better the more you get out there."

Bowden is one of several pitchers auditioning for spots on the roster next season. He said the relievers don't sit in the bullpen and talk about 2013.

"Never in my career have I gone into spring or a season expecting a job, especially on a big league staff," Bowden said. "I work all offseason so I can go into Spring Training in the best shape as possible and try to make the team. This is a small amount of time I've been doing well and I'm not taking it for granted. I'll work hard in the offseason, and hope I'll be a part of the organization next year."

Part of Bowden's offseason will include pitching in the Dominican Republic in the Winter Leagues.