Sveum hopes Jackson makes strides in offseason

Sveum hopes Jackson makes strides in offseason

CHICAGO -- The Cubs are hoping Brett Jackson has an Anthony Rizzo type offseason, and can come back in 2013 even better.

Rizzo batted .141 last season when first called up to the big leagues with the Padres. He made several adjustments with his stance, and since he was promoted on June 26, he was batting .288 with the Cubs. Jackson was batting .174 in 42 games since being called up from Triple-A Iowa on Aug. 5.

"It's up to them to make the adjustments and learn from their experience in the big leagues and that's a big reason why we bring them to the big leagues, so they can have an understanding of how big league pitching is different," Cubs manager Dale Sveum said Tuesday. "The development in Triple-A was average and too many strikeouts. You bring him to the big leagues to show him this is a whole 'nother caliber of pitching that you have to be able to make adjustments during the winter to be able to compete at this level."

Sveum, a former hitting coach, has a list of things he'd like to see Jackson do.

"I'd like to see him completely revamp his swing and lower half," Sveum said. "They're not things that you're asking somebody to stand on their head about. There are players in this game who have made drastic, drastic adjustments and it's propelled some of them to Hall of Fame stature and long careers in the big leagues. I'll go to my grave saying if you don't make any adjustments in this game, you won't stay here long."

Jackson, the Cubs' No. 1 pick in the 2009 First-Year Player Draft, was not expected to play this winter, but will likely be in Arizona for some extra tutoring.