Wind not friendly to hitters at Wrigley this year

Wind not friendly to hitters at Wrigley this year

CHICAGO -- The wind has blown in for 45 of the Cubs' 80 home games, and has not been kind to players like David DeJesus and Starlin Castro, who should have a few more home runs at this point.

"You put Castro in Miller Park or Cincinnati where the conditions are different, and he'd have had 20 home runs this year," Cubs manager Dale Sveum said Wednesday.

But that doesn't mean you create a different team just for Wrigley Field's crazy elements.

"The time you build for the weather conditions will be the time that season the wind blows out," Sveum said. "You build a team to have good, consistent baseball players and people who know how to play the game and they'll give you good at-bats and get on base. Pitchers, I don't care what park you're in, you have to keep the ball down and throw strikes.

"It's the same formula everywhere," Sveum said. "If you try to build around the ballpark, you'll get in trouble."

The weather does make a difference. When the wind blows in, teams are averaging 7.9 combined runs per game, and when it blows out, they average 11.4 runs per game.