Soriano has no plans to leave Chicago

Soriano has no plans to leave Chicago
CHICAGO -- Outfielder Alfonso Soriano has two years remaining on his contract with the Cubs, which may be his last.

"I want to stay here and finish my career here and try to win before I retire," Soriano said. "I signed here to bring a World Series winner to Chicago. It's been a long time since they won a World Series. That's my dream. I hope to stay here, and when they win, I want to be part of that team."

Soriano, who turned 37 on Jan. 7, said he'll make a decision after his contract is up as to whether he'll play again.

"If I'm healthy and feel strong, I'll continue to play," Soriano said. "If not, I'll retire at the end of my contract.

"I know I'm 37 years old, but I don't feel like it -- I feel like I'm 25, 26," said Soriano, who hit 32 home runs and totaled 108 RBIs last season.