Prankster makes sure to give Barney his space

MESA, Ariz. -- Darwin Barney's locker area is defined by a white-tape outline on the carpet in the HoHoKam Stadium clubhouse. Apparently, Barney needs his space.

"I came out of the game [Tuesday] and this was there," Barney said Wednesday. "I can live with it. I was thinking about maybe putting up boundaries for everybody."

There's no doubting whose territory it is. Someone wrote, "Private, stay out, Barney's area," and added, "P.S. I won a Gold Glove." However, there is a typo on "area."

Does the second baseman know who did it?

"It looks like Otis' handwriting, so that might be my guess," Barney said of clubhouse manager Tom Hellmann. "Plus, he's not a great speller. Come on, I went to Oregon State."

Wait a minute -- isn't the team supposed to try to be more of a sharing and caring group?

"I allow people in, like you guys [the media] aren't allowed, but teammates are definitely welcome," Barney said, smiling.