Veras wearing look of winner as Cubs closer

Veras wearing look of winner as Cubs closer

PHOENIX -- Cubs closer Jose Veras can't wait for the season to start. He really likes how the Cubs look.

"I love it -- top to bottom, we're going to be fine," Veras said. "We have a good lineup, good defense, we have good guys here, hungry to be somebody and that's what we're here for. The season is going to start, and we're excited for the coming season."

He also made sure the younger players know what's important. The right-hander presented t-shirts that say, "You can't have a great team without great people" on the front in English, with the Spanish translation -- "No puedes tener un buen equipo si no tienes buenas personas" -- on the back.

Veras has been a mentor to the younger players, especially the young relievers. He knows they are anxious as the Cubs front office makes the final roster decisions.

"They're good," Veras said. "They're ready to go. I was prepared for that, too. We're good to go."

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