Cubs Manager & Coaches

Manager & Coaches

#   Name Position
70 Joe Maddon Manager
Chili Davis Hitting Coach
Andy Haines Assistant Hitting Coach
Jim Hickey Pitching Coach
Will Venable First Base Coach
Brian Butterfield Third Base Coach
35 Lester Strode Bullpen Coach
95 Chad Noble Bullpen Catcher
58 Mike Borzello Catching Coach
Jim Benedict Special Assistant


#   Name Position
Theo Epstein President, Baseball Operations
Jed Hoyer Executive Vice President, General Manager
Shiraz Rehman Assistant General Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Scott Harris Assistant General Manager
Jason McLeod Senior Vice President, Scouting and Player Development
Jon Greifenkamp Vice President
Joe Bohringer Director of Professional Scouting
Matt Dorey Director of Amateur Scouting
Lukas McKnight Assistant Director of Amateur Scouting
Jaron Madison Director of Player Development
Alex Suarez Assistant Director, Player Development
Mark O'Neal Director of Medical Administration
Chris Moore Director of Research and Development
Louie Eljaua Special Assistant to the General Manager
Ted Lilly Special Assistant to the General Manager
Ryan Dempster Special Assistant to the General Manager
Kyle Phillips Scout
Jeff Greenberg Director of Baseball Operations
David Ross Special Assistant to Baseball Operations
65 Franklin Font Staff Assistant
Josh Lifrak Director, Mental Skills Program
Darnell McDonald Mental Skills Program Coordinator
Chuck Baughman Minor League Training Coordinator
Mike Mason Assistant Pitching Coordinator
Steve Merriman Assistant Pitching Coordinator
Tom Beyers Assistant Hitting Coordinator
Dave Keller Latin American Field Coordinator
97 Tim Cossins Minor League Field Coordinator
Jacob Cruz Minor League Hitting Coordinator
Jeremy Farrell Minor League Infield Coordinator
Doug Dascenzo Minor League Outfield/Baserunning Coordinator
Brendan Sagara Minor League Pitching Coordinator
Rick Tronerud Minor League Rehab Pitching Coordinator
Ron Villone Minor League Rehab Pitching Coordinator
Doug Jarrow Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
Jon Fierro Rehab Coordinator
Tim Buss Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
P.J. Mainville Head Athletic Trainer
Nick Frangella Assistant Athletic Trainer
Matt Johnson Assistant Athletic Trainer